Application for 2024 Scholarship
Seniors: Welcome to the opportunity that is available ONLY to you and your fellow Memorial students—the Charger Pride scholarships. We give scholarships for career training as well as for colleges and universities. When you fill out this application, you CANNOT save your partially completed application and return later to finish. So please give yourself some time to complete this application in one session. It will require some thoughtful answers on your part. Our selection committee will interview all applicants in April. Scholarships will be awarded in May at the Senior Awards Assembly.

Academics information:

Tell us about your Memorial experience:

Academic recognition:

School activities and leadership:

Community service and volunteer activities:

Employment record:

Educational plans/career training:

College applications:

Tell us what schools you have applied to, and the anticipated annual cost of attending each. If you have made a firm choice and know what school you will attend, you only need to list that school.


Estimated annual cost (tuition, school room/board, books/supplies)

Financial aid:

Please check the boxes below to indicate other sources from which you have sought financial aid, and tell us the amount of aid you have received thus far.

Post-graduate education:

Please select one or more of the following 3 questions and write at length.

Your influences:

Life experiences:

Determination to graduate:

For students pursuing career training:

With my signature below,

I attest that I have completed this application truthfully; that I personally wrote the responses to the questions herein; and that all information provided is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I agree to allow Memorial High School to release to the Charger Pride Scholarship Foundation:

  • (1) my GPA
  • (2) my class rank
  • (3) my ACT and/or SAT scores
  • (4) my attendance record
  • (5) any disciplinary record
  • that I may have.

This scholarship application shall be considered without regard to sex, religion, disability, race, or national origin. The confidentiality of candidate information will be maintained within reasonable parameters during the selection process. The candidate must be in compliance with Memorial High School and Tulsa Public Schools discipline policies.

Students being considered for a scholarship will be interviewed by the Foundation’s selection committee. To be chosen for an interview is not a guarantee that a candidate will receive financial support mm.